Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I have returned the Atlanta Film Festival Blimp

In a choice between jail and returning the blimp I decided to graciously give back the blimp to the Atlanta Film Festival. One of my so called "friends" that was involved with me turned us all in.

I am prouid of what I did and I'm not scared of jail, but if I went I would not be able to continue the good work I'm doing with this blog.

I want to thank everyone that supported my actions and I'm still asking everyone to continue the boycott on the film. Blood Car.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad they snagged your sorry ass!

You are a coward. Admit it. You are scared of jail.

Anonymous said...

You're so gracious! You're also a dipshit. Get a clue moron!!

Anonymous said...

You're so proud of George W's agenda and what we've done over in you know how many innocent Iraqi women and children have been murdered in cold blood by our nation's military? Maybe you should watch the film SOLDIERS OF CONSCIENCE. Let's see if you have one big man.

Randy said...

If you were really a big brave man then you would come out to see Blood Car and tell everyone that you are the one that stole the blimp.

I'll even buy you a ticket if there are any left.

Jim said...

Just read another Blog talking about this story.

Newinsanity said...

This was probably a stunt pulled off by the Blood Car folks themselves to try and get some publicity for their lame film. Yeah I saw the trailer and someone at the Atlanta Film Festival must be sleeping with the director of this gorefest garbage. No matter what its political overview may be the fact remains that the film is extreme CRAP! AFF you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this garbage in your festival. What a retarded premise for a film...

angela said...

God bless the U.S.A.? And a tacky 1980's Photoshop image of "God's" hands holding the country. And yet you're proud of stealing something and in no way remorseful about it. Way to spread the Good News, buddy. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I watched Blood Car at the Jacksonville Film Festival and was entertained by the film. Regardless of your political stance on Bush or the war, the film is a perfect midnight movie and will be an instant cult classic when it hits DVD.

Anonymous said...

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